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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Orange you glad?

I've been working hard on inventory for my very own etsy store so keep your eyes out. The plan so far is June 3rd... let's see if I can make it!


Here is a close up of a necklace I made using my new favorite colors: gray and we'll call it cantaloupe. Check out some more pictures on flickr.

I've been obsessed with the color gray for a while. I've even started to paint the interior of our house with a color called "veil" from CIL..

More recently I've been obsessed with orangey and pinky-orangey colors starting with looking for possible bouquet flowers for my wedding.

But then I saw this at J. Crew

And this necklace at Anthropologie.
Ahhh... so pretty.

And I just found out through Frantz Art Glass blog that CiM (creation is messy) came out with the new color Phoenix that looks rather reminiscent to the colors I used in my necklace.



In other news the snow has totally melted (yea!) and we are back on the spring program. Hope your weekend is as beautiful as mine :)


Sami said...

Ooo, that necklace is gorgeous, I love the colors!! I'm a big fan of oranges and reds :)

Found you through 20-somethings and thought I'd leave some commenty goodness! <3

Valerie said...

Thanks Sammy! I love that site- it really spreads the love :)