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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

If you haven't already guessed it... I like rainbows! Growing up (and to this day) I organize everything I can into "rainbow order". Pens, crayon, clothes, my glass of course, and if I had enough book I'd do this.


These are some of the first beads I made and they have some rainbowy goodness.

And I have since gone onto other ways to incorporate rainbows


But I am not the only one who likes rainbows!

Here are some people sharing their rainbow goodness on etsy in no particular order:

Genea uses fabulous colors in her beads
Cocobeads has a rainbowtastic bead called Rainbow Crunch
Teri Persing uses a rainbow version of her fat cat beads as a profile pic
Beck Mason has a bead set called Groovy Rainbow Love and sells rainbow bracelets on etsy and here
Mermaid Glass sells some rainbowy beads as well as Loribeads and Honey Bee

Also check out:

NLC Beads

(photo by artist)

and Glass Migrations


Mr. Condescending said...

they look like little marbles heh

LiLu said...

Gorgeous colors... so vibrant!

Genea said...

Awww thanks for adding me to your post :D This thread was tons of fun!

Krysten said...

Love the rainbow beads!

And it's amazing how many people have ties to northern WI and MN. Anytime I mention Hayward someone knows something about the area or somewhere around it. It's nuts!