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Monday, April 20, 2009

A Brief Introduction

Hello and Welcome.

My name is Valerie and I live in Alberta with my fiancé and my dingo-dog Taz. I've been a long-time blog reader of many blogs and decided that it was time to step out from behind the scenes and into this wonderful community.

What the heck is lampworking?

Lampworking is a typing of glass work using a torch to melt and mold clear and brightly colored glass into beads, figurines, marbles, button, vessels, or whatever! It’s presumably called lampworking because the technique was historically done using oil-fueled lamps.
I was first introduced to lampworking in 2003. I did a workshop at Bemidji State University and instantly fell in love. I eventually got my own small torch and glass and began experimenting at home. In 2007 I took a class with Will Stokes in Bellingham, WA (if someone knows of a link for him let me know!) who taught me some awesome new techniques. I moved to Alberta about a year ago and haven't made a single bead. But now I am getting back into the swing of things, have bought some awesome new equipment and I'm ready to go!

What else do I do?

Well, some people may consider me a professional student, and currently I am going to school to be a registered nurse but I've also studies art, music, and medical terminology. I consider myself a crafter and I also like to cook, travel, garden, run, and occasionally bitch about all the paperwork involved in immigrating from the U.S. to Canada.

Feel free to email me or leave a comment. Ciao!


Anonymous said...

Nice start, Valerievil. Interesting to know what you've been doing since you left MN. I'm not sure how to link your blog to mine though. I'm not sure my site can do that.

Valerie said...

thanks. I've been moving to different countries- pretty wild stuff. Its no problem if you can't link my page- you may have to edit the html and that can take upwards of a day and a half.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I'm on your blogroll! :) I feel so honored! You have a great blog!