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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Extreme Procrastion: because if I do something, I do it all the way

So, I've been pretty absent from the blogosphere (does anyone actually say that?) for a variety of reasons...because life got a little crazy for a bit...because I was needing a break from my computer...because my plan to launch my etsy store and more snags in it that these tights from shop bop ...just because

Well in my absence I noticed I got the Honest Scrap Award first from Krysten at After I Do (yes I'm paying attention!) and then from Jen at Uberly Ecstatic (yes this is leading to more procrastination!)

and now I have to post 10 things that my readers may not know about me, and then tag 10 other bloggers. Here it goes:

1. Yesterday I dug up 440kg of sod (stuck in bone-dry clay), then loaded it into my truck and then unloaded it at the dump.

2. I like to sing my own words to different songs. For example I sing to my dog "Shake that rope for me" to the song "shake that ass for me".

3. I'm actually a cat person, but inherited a dog from my fiance and now there is one dog in the world that I actually really like.

4. I have an incredibly strange and sometimes crude sense of humor. Basically I laugh at everything.

5. I've ran a half-marathon (though not very fast!).

6. I used to cut my own hair, but now my fiance forbids it lol.

7. Before I found lampworking/glass bead making I did mostly pastel drawings and some alabaster sculptures

8. I am a big science nerd.

9. I've made my own almond milk, and other hippie-esque foods.

10. I kissed a pig and I liked it.

and now I tag:

Green Beans and Little Things

Deeply Problematic
The Transformation of Kern

I know its only 3, but that's all I feel like doing (you can think of this bit of information as a bonus no. 11 honest scrap).

Also- I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who's added me to their blog roll! I am very honored. If you have added me and I haven't yet reciprocated it's because I don't know (or your blog looks like its run by robots) so let me know and I can add you to my blog roll!

And now onto a post of substance...tomorrow ;)


Mr. Condescending said...

you certainly have been busy, I was starting to think you left us for good =(

the girl said...

You're alive! *Breathes melodramatic sigh of relief* SO loving that you make up dirty song lyrics, draw sexy nudes with pastels and make out with pigs - my kind of woman!! (PS - How funny were the top hat and monocle on that pig? At least you go for high-class pork!)

Organic Meatbag said...

Was the pig wearing cherry chapstick? I'm so ashamed that I even know that line, but it's my Wife's fault! I swear!!

Valerie said...

Condescending- I could never leave, I crave attention too much

the girl- yes, yes I have many facets ;) Actually, I was in Seattle and they had some kind of art instillation all over the city that had all kinds of pig (one was covered in pennies, one looked like babe the blue ox etc). I of course went for the rich one.

Meatbag- Significant others cause all kinds of trouble. Because of mine I know the parody of that song from Howard Stern

Mr. Condescending said...

valerie, my fellow AMERICAN. Thank you zillions for your math solution for me. Feel free to take the euclid award if you want, I won't feel bad if you don't post it, i just wanna tell ya thanks a ton.