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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What are you listening to!?

So music is a big thing for me if you haven't noticed. Stuff I make reminds me of songs, or I find a song I'm listening to influences what I make. I am also a former music major and have had the intimate relationship with music only produced by theory, ear training, and scouring the library for info on some obscure French chamber music composed for saxophone (my piece not listed on wikipedia of course) for your program..

I still continue playing music with my college's jazz band, but what I am curious about today is what do you listen to while you work? I've been listening to for a while, because I can type just about anything and there is music with that tag- also because Pandora is not available in Canada (jerks). But since started charging (which I eventually gave in to) I started searching for alternatives and came across We Are Hunted. This site tracks the most popular songs online by collecting info from blogs, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, forums, and more. So, 1) check it out, 2) tell me what you listen to while you work in the comments, and 3) say why it inspires you!


Mr. Condescending said...

I don't listen to anything. theres too much sh*t going on

Valerie said...

I shed a tear for you. Although I once had a job with a bunch of Mexicans and we listened to Mariachi music and Mexican Ballads all the time. Silence is better than that.

Margaret said...

What? You don't get Pandora?! Sad:(

I don't work but I listen to All Songs considered Podcast by NPR. I don't know if you guys get that up there... Haha!

Sami said...

I can't use the internet to listen to music at work .. boo! But I fill my iPod with stuff :) Lately I'm really into Bat for Lashes (makes me think of a more new-age Tori Amos, but with a little more indie-rock and a hauntingly beautiful sound), and an album the Turtle Island Quartet did of John Coltrane songs. :)

Anonymous said...

I would die if I didn't have my pandora radio station. You can tell what I listen to because it is on my radio player on my blog. =)
I love alternative stuff, especially British bands.

the girl said...

Hey Valerie :)

1) Will do!

2 & 3) You really want to know what I listen to while working? I guess it depends on what I'm working on! Here's a random selection of the last few days' worth:

- The Beatles Abbey Road: because it is the greatest Beatles album ever made. I bliss out like a pothead during the medley on this album, especially during "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window". Note that I do not do drugs. I think it must be a vicarious effect.

- Daft Punk Discovery: can't explain this one. I just like it. Note that I usually hate dance/techno of any kind. I am just strange like that.

- Ella Fitzgerald: because she is my favourite singer/musician (I count her voice as an instrument) EVER. I love to sing harmonies with her and imagine myself singing with a big band. Yes, I am a fucking loser.

- Louis Armstrong: because he is Louis Armstrong. I could (and do) listen to him every day of my life and still fall a little bit more in love with him.

- Rodrigo y Gabriela: because classical guitar is so fucking fantastic. And they're metal heads. And hot. What's not to like?

- Debussy: late-night company while having a cup of tea and reading.

- Flight of the Conchords: if you don't know who they are, YouTube the song "Business Time". They are sarcastic Kiwis, and I like that in a person.

OK... Got slightly carried away. Oops!

Love your blog so very, very much


Valerie said...

Margaret: was almost as good until they started charging...actually it was better because you could skip as many songs as you wanted. But we can get NPR podcasts! I listen to: fresh air, this american life, the moth, love and radio and radio lab.

Sami: Bat for Lashes sounds cool- I'll have to check them out. I was always a fan of tori amos (at least in the 90s). Also- love, love Coltrane. My fav. is Giant Steps.

Young Mom/Wife: lots of things are blocked outside of the States because of copy right laws. It continues to bum me out :( British Alternative bands eh- I do believe I heard Cold Play on your blog :)

the girl: haha holy shit! So I'm totally obsessed with Flight of the Conchords- own all of their shows, and multiple records of their songs. Also like Daft Punk, but I do like techno (used to even go to raves!) but I listened to mostly 'chill out' music- check out Lemon Jelly. Might change your mind after being blasted with benny benassi. Ok...I could also say a lot more but I'm supposed to be working! PS- love your blog too! Also- how close are you to Cairns? I hopefully get to travel there soon!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I LOVE LASTFM!!!! Love love, and I'm in love with the song "come around" by Rosi Golan right now. And william fitzsimmons.

the girl said...

Oh my dearest Valerie - I am already a convert to the likes of Lemon Jelly and Benny Benassi :) I don't really count them as techno/dance... Not jarring enough :)

And Cairns? I'm about 5-6 hours away... (give or take my speeding) But totally doable!


Valerie said...

Chelsea- awesome! I definitely think that has the best features. I have to admit I haven't heard of either person but I immeadiately you-tubed them and really nice stuff- cool piano intros for both.

the girl- you never cease to amaze me. I will have to look you up when I finally get to travel down under ;)

noelle said...

I'm so bummed - we used to get pandora here at work, but they blocked it recently. So cruel - to take it away after being so reliant on it for so long!

PS - I loves me some Tori Amos too, I'll have to check out that new band. Thanks for the tip

Jen said...

I heart your blog so I have tagged you with the Lovely Blog Award! Check out my post for the details!

Lil Miss Tabs said...

I used to listen to too! Either when I'm painting or when I used to do have this internship for this telecommunications company. It SAVED me from killing myself of boredom. ha!

When it comes to work, I like songs that are non-distracting, Sufjan Stevens, Minus the Bear, Broken Social Scene, for a more relaxing mood-Iron and Wine, Mirah, Great Lake Swimmers. There are tons! I just let them all play in my ipod. haha!

I found this site in tumblr, its and I post songs in mine too! :)

Valerie said...

Noelle- that's a bummer. apparently your employer hasn't heard thatworkplace social networks increases productivity. Also- thank Sami for the suggestion :)

Jen- Thanks!

Tab- I love Minus the Bear! Their song titles are so funny. Have you heard of 'The National'? they have a similar vibe. Cool site in tumblr.

Jessica Marie said...

i'm usually pretty busy at work and music distracts me. but right now i've been listening to the new green day album :D

Valerie said...

I've been a green day follower since Dookie! I work at home for the moment, and I have to have noise otherwise I get creeped out lol.