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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mi Igloo es Su Igloo

(don't forget your toque eh)

Well, eons ago one of my favorite bloggers Mr. Condescending invited his readers to his home, and now I am finally returning the favor.

First, I have to admit- i don't really live in an igloo.

Because it melts during our *month* of summer.

So now I live here:


(and in reality this has become my weekend home)

This is the living room:


The kitchen:


Our Neighbors:



The scenery:



For reading material we have this:



and this:

(what I was reading when I got bored of fishing... so I was really too bored to fish, not too fat to fish)

for "movies" we have:






Grizzly Mountain



Buffalo Bill


Buffalo Bill rides again


and the Fox......


.....and the 'Hound'


I would be happy to serve you some fish:



Maybe some bacon?


Maybe not...


And some s'mores.



Here is what we have to drink:


The wine is Naked Grape's(located in BC)Chardonnay. Its a pretty decent table wine and I can buy it for cheap in bulk.

I'd like to serve it to you in my special wine glass:

(you can see my reflection hehe)

And now we can sit in the "living room" sing "living room" fire song, while polishing off the drinks and then tell ghost stories.


lovelila said...

Very cool pictures! Haha! Love the movies you watch, must be nice! The end of The Fox and the Hound makes me sad... *sniff*

Valerie said...

lovelila- thanks! If my dog actually got a hold of a fox it might be sadder... one time when we went camping there was a different fox that would come to the empty campsites looking for food and my dog would chase it off- but just to warn it.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Valerie, I am totally getting on the next plane to Calgary, then hot-footing it to your wilderness home! Why, oh why does camping in Australia seem to suck SO MUCH in comparison to this?? The animals, the booze, the trees, the booze, the summer igloo, the booze - it's all just too wonderful to be true! The pictures of the deer, bears and the fox were especially spectacular. That is seriously a camping spot you don't want millions of other people hogging. I'd consider moving there permanently in the warmer months if I were you ;)

Your dog is so gorgeous, by the way (Australian cattle dog! Woo!) and the photos of the bacon tricks were most impressive. I don't think I'd be able to resist it if I actually ate bacon, and I know my dog certainly can't!

Mr C is going to die of laughter when he sees this... I'll start a collection plate for the trailer-park send-off we're going to have to throw in his honour.

Valerie said...

Teacup- Yea! Although, I won't mind visiting you in Australia... we don't have oceans or rain forests or Wallabies :) She is a pretty dog eh? And smart too, but that's all due to being an Aussie ;)

Sandy said...

Wow! That is certainly a beautiful place to live in.
Thanks for following my blog.
I am following yours now. :)
-Sandy (The Village Idiot.)

Valerie said...

Sandy- thanks :) I saw your blog on teacup's and I knew immediately that it would be of high quality

Sami said...

Ahh! I loooove it! So nature-y and animal-ful! (Are those real words??)

And the picture on that Too Fat to Fish book made me LOL!

Proud Maisie said...

Now, as a woman who routinely wets her pants if she so much as sees a bunny rabbit in the countryside, I might die with excitement if I got to visit a place like that.
No, I know that them bears 'aint for hugging, or feeding, or making eyecontact with... I'd have to leave unsatisfied *sigh*.
Still, there's always your lovely dog.

Organic Meatbag said...

Wow, looks like a lovely and inviting home! I would come visit, and I would even wear pants!

Abby said...

WOW what an awesome weekend escape!! I agree with Proud Maisie... i would definitely wet my pants if I saw a bear like that and only had a tent to go hide in!!

Girl Interrupted said...

What great pictures! I've never really fancied camping before but you make it look such fun! Gorgeous scenery, amazing wildlife, bacon (even if it is a bit dusty and perhaps a bit drooled on). wine and those to-die-for biscuity things with big slabs of chocolate and marshmallow!!!

Yep, you can definitely count me in!

Great post! :)

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Awesome! :) I love Alberta. I did some camping in the mountains last summer and it was beautiful. Freaking cold at night though. I slept in my entire wardrobe. I also camp all summer on the weekends. Canada's such an outdoor country, it's awesome!

Plus how could Mr. C. not be charmed by your "living room" :)

Simon said...

I am deeply impressed. The closest I ever got to living in the wilderness was a camping trip to Scotland – though the scariest bit was probably going through Glasgow, to be honest.

Lovely pics! And bacon too…

Valerie said...

Sami- those are some of my favorite words

Proud Maisie- adult diapers and a rifle and you'd be set

Organic Meatbag- the mosquitoes would be dissapointed, but I appreciate it

Abby- our truck is right there, and the toilets are in a building. But bears are no joke, so don't go wandering off in the bush

Girl- well if you ever make it out this way I would be sure to show you an awesome time. And you can have bacon that hasn't been on my dog's nose, but she will try to glamour the bacon away from you (she's quite good at it). And I think a package of stuff to make smores should be your next american-cusine adventure brought to you by post.

Veg Assassin- it actually got up to 35' and couldn't have been less than 18 at night this past weekend, but a month ago I was freaking cold even though I thought I was totally prepared. But Canada rocks that way...actually the buffalo pics were taken in the Yukon.

Simon- thanks. I'm lucky because there has been easy access to camping pretty much my whole life. Glad you like the bacon :)

Soda and Candy said...

I am so jealous that you get to see all those animals all the time!!!

Valerie said...

Thanks Soda and Candy- though I wouldn't be jealous about the grizzlies. What I really love is that there is a sign in the park downtown (where I actually live) that says 'beware of bear and moose'

SarahKelley said...

What an awesome, entertaining and enlightening post! Great pics too:)

Valerie said...

thanks :)

jadedj said...

I'm heading out. Bambi, Absolut and Smokey the Bear. What more could a guy want. What can I bring?

Seriously, beautiful place.

Valerie said...

jadedj- thanks, you can bring whatever you want. Camping is all about keeping things interesting.

Mikki Black said...

Cool pics! It looks like a fun place to spend your summer.

(Just stopping by from SITS to check out your blog)

Valerie said...

Mikki- thanks for stopping by. On my way to check you out :)