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Friday, July 24, 2009

What makes me happy: a long, hard piece of steel

What did you think I was talking about?

So normally I make beads on teeny-tiny rods, but I always like to experiment with found objects. And the other day my fiance brought me home this beauty and I couldn't wait to use it.
So I dipped the end in bead release, and wrapped some glass around it. This is what I got:

not quite big enough to fit around my sausage-fingers, but I could definitely make a ring for a hand with daintier fingers or some other interesting jewelry with it. Since the rod is hollow I can use it for blowing- but one technique at a time. For now I'm going to try to make a piece of jewelry out of these:

Wish me luck!

P.S. I should be able to figure out my kiln situation tonight! Details as soon as I get them.


the girl with the pink teacup said...

Darling, I love it when you wrap molten glass around my, I mean your, steel rod! Look at the gorgeousness! If you start making glass rings like that once you get your Etsy store running, I'm definitely going to buy some - I love chunky, groovy rings in bright colours, and I have skinny fingers :) I can't help but admire that other ring you're wearing, though - very nice! Best of luck getting the kiln shit sorted out soon. And can't wait to see what happens when you start blowing that steel rod ;)

Valerie said...

the girl- thank you darling, I thought you would like my piece ;) Don't let University kill you- remember that some day you will be done and you get to curse about working!

noelle said...

Um, your engagement ring is GORGEOUS!!! I was drawn in by the title of your post (wink), but find myself totally distracted by your bling. In case you couldn't tell, I heart the solitaire/platinum combo. Props for the finance. :)


noelle said...

PS -
Opps, my spell checker didn't pick up my error, I mean fiance, non finance. I am probably the worst speller ever. :)

Valerie said...

Noelle- he's kinda my financier at the moment so we'll go with it lol. I'll pass along the props on the ring. he picked it out completely on his own. If you want to see one that isn't all gunked up with lotion its in the Tacori ad with the bishop- chess piece on the very top. :)

Critty Critty Bang Bang said...

You are so fantastically creative.
I love the colors you chose for your next project.

Simon said...

Naturally I thought you meant a sword, preferably a sword-stick. I couldn’t imagine anything else.

Anonymous said...

oooh sweet! i love rings! :) show us if you make some really neat ones!

Night Owl Mama said...

LOL cute post the rings look very cute Can't wait to see what else you make

Stopping by from the SITS to say Hello
COme on by

c u then

Girl Interrupted said...

Very pretty, I love the colours you use ... I'd definitely buy items like that if you put them on etsy :) Have a great weekend!

Soda and Candy said...

You dirty trollop! Shamelessly bragging on your blowing skills!

Er um I mean, what lovely jewelry!

No seriously, that's lovely, and I think sometimes improvisation leads to the nicest most creative stuff!

Valerie said...

Critty- thanks. I have a weird obsession with orange lately.

Simon- sword sticks are pretty awesome, but I no longer live in the states, and therefore not necessary

kimmib- thanks! I plan on it :) actually I got a local request to make a firefly ring but I have to pratice working with something so big first!

Night Owl Mama- thanks for stopping by!

Girl- thanks... I'm getting closer to getting a store every day- hope your weekend is great as well!

Valerie said...

Soda- you don't know the half of it ;)

PS- it gives me the giggles to be called a trollop.

Organic Meatbag said...

Hmmm...I might need a cold shower now...hahahaha!

Abby said...

nice rock girl!! bead making must be so much fun- i love the orange and the green. so pretty!!

Valerie said...

Meatbag- that just made my day.

Abby- thanks!