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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Save the Date!

Hello folks. So I haven't made any beads lately. First, because I played golf for the first time and my arms and hands hurt from smashing my club into the ground, but also because all my creative energy has been going into making save the dates for my upcoming wedding! I used adobe illustrator for the first time in like 4 years- so it really did take a lot of my energy!

Here's a sneak peak.




(the graphic is a map if its hard to tell with it blacked-out!)

They'll be made up to look like luggage tags. I thought that might be a good idea since everyone, including us, will have to travel to get to the location.

I also made some stickers!


You can even download this pdf template to make your own stickers- they don't have to be for a wedding. They'd look pretty on your calander for any occasion. Just download and add your own text.


The font of the text is called Christopher hand from You may have to download it to get the same font on your stickers. The site is worth checking out anyway if fonts get you excited. Also, the template should work with Avery 3/4" round stickers. Enjoy!


Sami said...

I -love- the luggage tag idea, how clever! The stickers are another awesome idea so forgetful people (self included) can slap them on their calendars.

Valerie said...

Sami- thanks! I have to say though... I've seen variations of the tag idea online or a mag or martha stewart maybe? can't remember, but I wanted to give a reminder that 'hey, you're going to have to travel' also, I thought the stickers would stand out more than a bit of writing.

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Oh my gosh SO CUTE! I wish I was as creative as you, I had such a hard time with this kind of stuff when I was planning my wedding. Makes everything so much for unique and YOU.

Anonymous said...

These are so cute and unique! Super exciting!

Eric said...

You graphic designer you... congrats!

Valerie said...

Krysten- thanks. This project came about after much research for sure... I'm glad I learned to use these programs somewhere along the way, because all the stuff that's out there, there's nothing that I love!

Thanks Young mom/wife! I'm excited too :)

And thanks Eric, although we know you're the real talent!

Mr. Condescending said...

how come illustrator and not photoshop? looks great by the way! I didnt know you were getting married!

mo.stoneskin said...

Crazy stuff. Quality is fantastic.

But you need to build up your stainer.

Golf. Beads. Golf. Beads.

You can do it...

Valerie said...

Mr. C- so I can make vector images of course. Actually, I used photoshop to tweak some of the graphics before vectorizing (is that even a word?)them. Yes, I'm getting married- if you look closely I casually mention I have a fiance, but he's pretty blog shy.

Oh Mo- its not so much the golf but the smashing my club into the ground. My knuckles were the size of walnuts. And thanks for the praise and encouragement

Simon said...

God. The closest I can come to that is doing some party invitations for a friend’s daughter, using Corel Draw – about ten years ago! Congratulations.

Lauren Jade said...

yeaa! :D weddings are a GREAT inspiration to workout!

Valerie said...

Simon- I don't know what Corel Draw even is! Although I think about 10 years ago when when I discovered photoshop. Maybe more like 8.

Lauren- oh indeed :)

Archana said...

Firstly, congratulations! I've been attending so many weddings this year, and receiving 'Save the Dates'. Your luggage tag idea is very unique & came out looking fantastic. :)

Is your wedding a destination wedding? I always find those so exciting. Heh, my friend recently got married in Bali, Indonesia - - was beautiful!

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Fuck! Where the hell have I been on this post? Sorry, sexy lady.

Your 'Save The Date' thingies look freakin' awesome. I can't believe how creative and talented and smart and what-not you are! If you weren't, you know, getting married, and I wasn't with The Boy, I'd be throwing myself at you in a highly inappropriate fashion.

The luggage tag look is sweeeet and very original. Good luck getting those 'official' invites out there :)

Valerie said...

Archana- thanks! It is a destination wedding of sorts, only the location is more-north woods area. We both have fond memories of that kind of area growing up and its in between where our parents live. We were going to do like a tropical destination, but ended up wanted to invite too many people! Bali was definintly on my list- except they won't do legal non-religious services- but we might make it there on our honeymoon. We'll be in Australia and I understand you can take a cruise along that way :)

the girl- no apologies necessary. Getting married doesn't take me off the market for those of the female persuasion (in fact its almost encouraged) but we must respect the boy ;)

Laura M said...

One word. Adorable!

That was very clever! Did you find a template for the luggage tags too, or just for the stickers? I love them!

Archana said...

Well it sounds beautiful. :) And I'm sure a cruise to Bali would be absolutely romantic! If you plan on splurging, stay at the Four Seasons in Bali - their suites have these adorable little private pools...eeeeks. It's pure bliss. I got to enjoy it with family, but I'm a 100% sure it would be more enjoyable with a hubby!

Courtney said...

Too cute! Congratulations!