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Saturday, August 1, 2009

For meme? Aw, you shouldn't have.

So the super-hero of the blogosphere, The Caped Tirader! tagged me with this meme

The rules of this meme is to list 7 facts about me and then tag seven other bloggers so that they can do the same.

First though, I'm not really feeling the plain-white T look, and I've been on a DIY kick, so I am going to tie-dye my award.

There. Much better.

This will also count for fact no. 1

2. "Meme" is what I called my mother as a baby

3. I have had 10 or so different kinds of jobs

4. When I was in grade 5 I brought in some homework that my cat had peed on (in a ziplock bag) because I was so afraid that I would get in trouble if I just said what happened. My teacher was so impressed that he felt he needed to get the whole 5th grade together and tell them about it. Needless to say I was teased about that for quite some time.

5. I have one much younger sister, and one much much younger brother

6. I am very talented at losing things

7. My feet are really dirty right now. Time for a bath.

The 7 bloggers are:

Herding Cats

After 'I Do'

A World So Small

Anything But Blonde

Thinking With Crit

The Musing of a Snail

The Secret Life of a Retail Assassin


Sami said...

YES! Can I use your awesome tie-dyed shirt? It's so much more fun!

Mr. Condescending said...

Hah I lose stuff allll the time too!

Lol@the cat homework!

Valerie said...

Sami- yes! Although if you wait a bit, I made an even cooler button, but I can't figure out how to get it on my blog. I'll let you know when I do.

Mr.C- I would think losing stuff would be a big no-no in your army days.

Sami said...

Ooo ok, I'll wait! I like cool buttons. I'll keep an eye on it!

And on another subject, you have to let us know when your Etsy store opens!! I'm definitely going to be doing some purchasing!

Proud Maisie said...

I love the cat-pee story. It's nice to hear of an actual occurrence to lend credibility to all us liars out there.

Laura M said...

YAY! This is the first time I have ever been tagged!

Valerie said...

Proud Maisie- I wish my classmates saw it that way.

Laura M- awesome :) I hope you like your t-shirt lol. I can email you the tag if you like... I have a better one just haven't figured out how to get it on blogger.

Chelsea said...

Love your blog! You're very entertaining and so creative!

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Thanks for the tag! I'm getting to is SOON, promise!

Valerie said...

Chelsea- thank, that's so very sweet of you to say

Krysten- no rush :)

Laura M said...

I would love that! E-mail is

the girl with the pink teacup said...

This is why I love you so very indecently, sexy Valerie. You take a plain white t-shirt, virtual tye-dye the boring out of it, then count it towards the first part of a meme which you've rocked out in spectacular style. And your creativity never ceases to astound me. I would never have thought of taking peed-on homework in to school as proof of my honesty... I'll have to keep that one in reserve for next time, eh?