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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Calling all computer savvy peoples!

So, for the meme sent to me by The Caped Tirader, I decided to make the tag tie-dye. And then I started playing around with Flash, and made a super cool flash button. Little did I know, blogger has a hate on for .swf files. So I tried numerous things... uploading to a different free site; fail. Converting to a different format; fail. And creating an image map in place of a swf file; only got about 2 steps in before I was completely confused!

So..... can you, lovely reader, help me? (please take in account my somewhat short-bus status)

I promise there will be a badge of your own if you provide (one of) the best solution(s).

The contest is on until I get a decent answer :-)


Eric said...

For my video clip, I converted to .flv with a shareware package, then uploaded that to YouTube, and copied the embedding tag into the html of the Blogger post.

Valerie said...

that's pretty clever. Mine is a button though, so it has mouse interactions... I'll check it out though :)

Mr. Condescending said...

I have no clue :(

Soda and Candy said...

I love Flash, but I've no idea... what if you try exporting it as HTML and maybe you can paste it in or something? I don't even know how to do the YouTubes.

Simon said...

No idea about Flash, I’m afraid, but presumably you’re talking about making a button that acts as a hypertext link, and which changes colour?

If so, the simplest solution would be to create an animated GIF file, with each frame using a different colour, and make it into a link to the required page (presumably The Caped Tirader’s blog) using ordinary HTML tags. Obviously you’d have to have a suitable image editor that allows you to create animated GIFs – or you may be able to find a freeware SWF to GIF converter.

This would obviously not respond to any mouse action other than as a link. You’d probably have to learn a bit of JavaScript, or find some ready-made code, for something like that.

Valerie said...

Mr. C- ;)

S&C- the way that I'm understanding how it works, is I publish the button as html and swf- the html is kinda like instructions, and the swf has the image info so I need both... and the youtube didn't work.

Simon- I think this may be the route I have to go. I didn't want something that would keep going on while someone is trying to read my blog ( I know I can't handle flashing images) so I set it up so the t-shirt changes from white to tie-dye when you mouse over it, then to black when you click on it and it sends you to Tirader's blog. We will see though, we will see.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Oh crap, I know nothing about this technical stuff. I was going to say "ask Simon!", but since he's already weighed in on the subject, I'll just have to say "defer to Simon's expertise." Wow, that was a waste of a comment, wasn't it?? I'll stop now. Good luck, brilliant lady. Can't wait to see the result...

Dutch donut girl said...

I'm so sorry I can't help. Because I'm dumb like that.

Simon said...

Right. That makes things simpler. You just need a bit of JavaScript – you should be able to copy and paste some pre-written code to cover something simple like that. What you’re looking for is the onmouseover and the onClick event handlers: the first for the colour change (flipping between two images: one white, the other the tie-dye), the second for clicking on it to change to a third image. I’m not quite sure about the last one – it may conflict with the HTML code, which is also responding to the mouse click event.

I’m afraid I’m not up to writing the code for you, but take a look at this page for a simple example of the image rollover: use Google to see if you can find something more specific that also deals with the mouse click.

I’ve used a bit of copied-and-pasted code on a text link on another site that used the onMouseOver event on a link, and it worked well enough – despite my not actually knowing any JavaScript myself – so I’m sure you can do so, provided you can find something that suits your specific needs.

Good luck.

Valerie said...

girl- well you are definintely right about Simon :)
Dutch- no worries. I've only even begun to learn this stuff, and only because I'm stubborn.

thanks Simon! Thats pretty much what I have for my button right so it shoulf be easy to figure it all out. I'll work on it tonight- you totally deserve an award for your help too !

WendyB said...

I know nothing technical but just want to say "hate on...hee hee."