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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good thing I work inside

It is April 22nd, and it is snowing. I wish my camera was working because my phone just can't take a good enough picture of this atrocity. I mean... I can actually see snow collected on the grass and my neighbor's roofs and around my truck tires. Totally disgusting.

I'm in a boot-camp style fitness class early in the morning and thank god that it wasn't snowing. I would be too busy balling to work my bum. No- I got to work inside all day on my new, make-shift studio!

I know the quality isn't great (picture is from my phone) but my unfinished basement actually looks really awesome.

I don't have a suitable table to work at, so we clamped a piece of plywood to some woodworking thing I don't know what to call and voilĂ  a sturdy work surface that I can accidentally burn when I set a hot rod of glass on it. By accident.
We also didn't know how we could set up propane and oxygen and not be screwed if I accidentally blow everything up. So while the research is going on I'm playing around with my old hot head torch to scratch my lampworking itch. Mostly I'm just trying to get back into the groove and make sure I didn't forget anything because I might get to teach some classes at the Centre for Creative Arts (!) and we have to use the MAPP gas setup (like I have set up here) until they move to their new location, so its good for me to revisit its limitations. My Nortel major bench burner is looking pretty lonely though and I can't let such a big beautiful torch feel neglected so on to improve my home-set up!

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