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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Glass and inspiration

So... the past couple days I've been talking to the director over at the Centre for Creative Arts here in town, and it looks like I'll be teaching a weekend class towards the end of May. I am super excited! Soon I get to share the love of glassy-goodness! You can find the details here.

While I was at the Centre, I was also asked to participate in the Third Annual Art Board Show & Auction. The auction supports their Healing Arts Program Initiative (H.A.P.I.) which provide accessible art opportunities to all members of the community. Check out the link to learn more.

Basically the artist takes an unfinished skateboard deck and starts the creative process from there. I definitely want to incorporate some glass work into mine, but I was also inspired by some "paintings" I saw on vacation at the Haleiwa Art Gallery. They were rich, complex landscapes and portraits. Really beautiful. After we looked at them a bit longer we realized that they were actually done by hand embroidery and not painting. The gallery bought them from a company called XQ Vietnam. Embroidery has been a tradition in Vietnam for hundreds of years. Historically women were expected to know how to embroider and sew. Through those traditions came this beautiful artwork. XQ's mission is carry on the traditional embroidery artwork of the women of Vietnam and to bring it to the rest of the work at a fair price.

These embroidered paintings are truly breath taking. They use thread from different materials that reflect light differently to add depth. It is apparent looking at them all the time and care that went into making the final product. One painting we looked at took the artist 2 years to complete at 40 hours a week!

I do not have the skill (or the time!) to do the same thing, but I would love to give their beautiful work a nod in my auction piece.

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