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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I know its not Christmas, but there is snow outside and I got a package!

Isn't it beautiful? I just love getting glass. Looking at all the colors is really inspiring to me.

I ordered these from Frantz Art Glass. They have an amazing selection and were super easy and friendly to deal with. Drawback is I live in Canada so shipping was over $30 US, and then I had to pay $10 to customs. Boo. I might have to look else where if I'm going to keep buying small quantities. Lauscha Canada has a good web site and plenty of colors, but that seems to be it for soft glass here in Canada. What I would really like is a actual, physical store within walking distance of my house where I could go and look at the glass in person. No such luck. Oh well, maybe some day I'll own my very own glass shop and I'll get to order glass from Italy, Germany, and Japan :-).

Update: Louise of Fireseed just sent me a link to another glass supplier in Canada. Looks great!


Anonymous said...

You can pick up some glass when you come visit me for my graduation:)
Sometime, like if we come up there this some you should show me how to make a bead

Amber Dawn said...

I love the pictures of the glass! But not the snow...ugh.

Louise said...

Hi Valerie,
Thanks for visiting my blog! If you haven't already you might want to check out Artistry In Glass, they are in Canada and have pretty good prices and a good selection too -
-- and they have competitions where you can win gift certificates! Free glass! Not much beats that :oD

evelyn said...

Here's a page i maintain with Cdn glass suppliers. only thing i order from the states really is frit

Valerie said...

Thanks Evelyn. I actually have been looking at your blog for a while and love your stuff (I have you in my blog roll). There must be enough glass suppliers in Canada to make such gorgeous stuff :) There is also someone near Edmonton that will be selling stuff online soon... I'm going to make a post as soon as she is up and running.

Anonymous said...

There are nice glass suppliers in Minneapolis if you would move there :)

Valerie said...

Anonymous, you must either be my mother, or be channeling her energy ;)

Evelyn said...

awww, thanks Val!
Happy Torching!