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Monday, August 3, 2009

Art Seymour = Bomb Diggity

I know, I know its a freaking long video. But you can play it while you organize all those papers all over your desk, or while you're waiting for your nails to dry, whatever.

Mr. Seymour makes Chevron beads using glass blowing techniques.

image from

First he forms a small bubble of glass at the end of a punty

then he puts the glass in a mold that looks like this:

then he dips the glass into another color of glass, into the mold, another color of glass, etc.

The gather at the end of the punty is then stretched into a long rope:

Making glass cane

and cut into small pieces.

The ends of the beads are sanded down at an angle to show all the layers.

Seymour adds all other kinds of techniques to make the beads extra bomb-diggity.

Check them out at


Valerie said...

extra points if you know the name of the tune played at the beginning of the video!

Dutch donut girl said...

That's quite labor intensive!
Hmmm... I have no idea what the name of the tune is :) but I love 'the heavy metal mosaic jazz bead'.
Although I think that 'the split personality beat' is right up my ally ;-)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love comments.

Eric said...

What a milleforific technique!

Valerie said...

DDG- but totally worth it! Glad to stop by your blog and comment- commenting is fun ;)

Eric- ahahahaha very punty, I mean punny.

Juan Pablo said...

Ahh it all reminds me of Chihuly! Chihuly is awesome... we have a giant chandeleir from him right here in Oklahoma! Glass blowing seems so dangerous though =[ I'm too whimpy for it haha

Hollyrocks said...

Glass blowing is so fascinating to me. This guy makes some amazing beads!

glorv1 said...

Glass blowing actually is very interesting but scary. The awesome results those are worth it. I watched part of the video but I have to go load the dishwasher. I'll pop back to finish it off. Thank you for sharing. Have a great Tuesday Valerie and be well.

Valerie said...

Juan P- oh he has some cool stuff... I like the giant- garden like sculptures

Hollyrocks- what I find really amazing is that he does it all without help

glorv1- totally worth it. I'm actracted to the danger aspect though :)

Miss Peregrin said...

Wow, that's amazing!

Melissa [IS•LY] said...

I love to watch glass blowing. It's one of the most beautiful processes. Love the beads, too!

Soda and Candy said...

It's so cute that you have a glass-working hero!

; )

Valerie said...

Miss P and Melissa- thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Soda- this is only the beginning

the girl with the pink teacup said...

I have always wondered how that was done! I really do learn something new every time I stop off at this blog, darling one. You educate me by accident - it's the lure of all those pretty colours, dammit! Never stop. Have you experimented with this technique before? I'd love to see the results of it :)

vargas said...

I love glass making artists, and hope to one day give it a try. Beautiful beads!